Cycle #1 Blog

Cycle #1 I would say was a pretty good cycle. My story was on girls rugby. This was my first story in the sports section, and I think I could have done better at things, but I was mainly proud of the final outcome. I learned a lot about the specific style of writing I needed for sports writing. Such as including updated standings and other information.

I would say the hardest part of this cycle was having quality work in the small amount of time I had. I made it work in the end, but I think I could have had better writing if I had some more time or I wasn’t procrastinating.

Another difficulty I experienced was word count. When I had about 550 words, I couldn’t really find anything else to say. It made the writing look less bulky and more plain.

I interviewed many people who all gave me great information on girls rugby, did a good job explaining the program, answered the questions perfectly, and overall helped me create the story.

In the end, I learned so much from this cycle, and looking back on it, I think I learned the most from this cycle, especially when compared to the other cycles.


Cycle #3 Blog

This last cycle was a little difficult for me. I didn’t get my story completed on time and I missed the deadline. My story was about boys volleyball. I definitely regret not getting to work properly and not using the resources I had to get information. Aside from that, there were also many good outcomes of this cycle. I learned how I can direct message people on Instagram for easy interviews. In the future this could help to interview people who either have a free first period or who are in one of the no-go classes. It also gives the subject time to think about their response because they aren’t on the spot being interviewed in person. I thought this was a useful tool. I also learned many things about writing and the specific style sports writing has. In the end, thanks to the editing and the many added words from Hardcastle my story came out nicely. I appreciate that she was willing to help, and went out of her way to do my job that I should have done in the first place. Overall, I appreciated this big learning experience and my story still ended up looking very good in the newspaper.

Fire in Culinary Arts Room

On November 29th, 2016, at LCC, a fire broke out in the culinary arts room. The fire will cost the school $10,000 to repair the damages left from the blazing inferno. The cabinets nearby were left scorched and the walls next to the station were seared. The counter-top also has to be replaced because it was left charred by the flames along with the stove and oven unit used by the students.

The fire erupted on accident while Junior Jill Carter was cooking some pancakes. The pan was sweltering and caused a small fire to appear. In an attempt to put the fire out, Senior Maya Harrison poured a pitcher of water on the fire. Evidently the fire was a grease fire. Adding water to it made the flames more intense.

Fortunately for the 2nd period class, Junior Cole Dean remembered how baking soda can quickly extinguish fires. The fire was extinguished and nobody was hurt. The culinary arts teacher Stacy Hardcastle explained how there is safety precautions, and it was a wonderful thing for Dean to remember baking soda.

“There is safety precautions that we went over in the beginning of the year, luckily Cole remembered baking soda.” Hardcastle said.

Although there was no physical pain experienced from the fire, there was still emotional pain. Senior Dan Stuart was caught in the cloud of smoke emitting from the burning flames. He claims he accidentally inhaled some of the smoke, and it was absolutely disturbing and will leave a mark on him forever.

“It was a traumatizing experience. I will never eat pancakes again.” Stuart said.

The class has definitely learned more from the event. Now you can find a pitcher of water alongside baking soda at cooking stations. Hardcastle explained that mistakes do happen, and every so often, fires do break out. The damages will be repaired soon, and the station will be up and running again after winter break.

For Next Rotation

Next cycle I am looking forward to being in the sports section. I am mainly interested because I enjoy playing and watching sports. To be able to write about sports sounds like an amazing experience. I am excited for next cycle and sports looks like a great section for next cycle.

Story Corps Interview

After I interviewed my mom, Betsy Boddicker, I found out a lot more about her than I knew before. I asked her who inspires her the most in her life. She responded with a very well thought response. She said that her gym instructor is someone who she looks up to. Her gym instructor is inspiring, and helps her get better at things. I learned that in life, many people will inspire you, and be willing to help you get better at something.

“I am so thankful that she is my personal trainer. I have learned so much from her.” Boddicker said.

It turns out that her gym instructor inspires her by being motivating and making her committed. Her favorite part about her instructor, is that she is funny, and by being that way, it makes her enjoy being with her so much.

“She is funny, so it makes me happier to be there with her. If she didn’t have that fun personality, I wouldn’t like being at the gym.” Boddicker said.

I am very glad I was able to have this conversation with my mom, before, I was not at all aware of how much she looks up to her trainer.

Cole Dean Interview

Getting put into a new section means an opportunity to meet new people. Cole Thomas Dean is one of the new people I met. We talked about various random subjects like our lives, family, sports, and much more. One of the most interesting things Dean told me was when he moved back to California after living in Texas.

“I was very happy to move back because I knew a lot of people that I wanted to see again. It was pretty much like a reunion with each other.” Dean said.

Dean enjoys playing water polo for La Costa Canyon. His favorite position is driver, because he likes to swim really fast to the ball. He believes that water polo is a great way for him to meet new people, learn new things, exercise, and have fun.

“Water polo is so much fun. Being able to swim, and compete with my friends is great.” Dean said.

At first, I thought Dean was just another fellow journalism student. He is, but also I learned that Dean is a very smart, athletic, and adventurous person. We both learned a lot about each other, and I am very glad that I was able to meet Cole Dean.

Savian Sandoval’s Untold Story

The life of Savian Sandoval is extremely eventful. One would never expect that he has such an interesting story. He used to live in a “bad part” of Chicago, Illinois. Savian’s father, was a police officer. One day something happened to his family that he would always remember, something that changed his life forever.

His brother, Joel, was walking home from school like any other day, when randomly some mean people started messing with him. Joel ran home. The doorbell rang minutes later, and standing on their front porch, was an angry gang member, searching for Savian’s brother. His dad was home, and quickly put the man in a headlock, and called for backup. Savian and Joel watched the whole thing unfold in their own house. The gang member was arrested and put in jail.

Savian was only 10 years old at the time, and his brother was 14. His family worried that once the bad man got out of jail, he would want revenge. To avoid any more trouble, they planned to move away to California.

The happiest moment of his life, was when he arrived in San Diego. He had always dreamed of living here. He is now a freshman here at LCC, and is thankful that he was able to experience life in Chicago.